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A Note From our Consigliere:

Our meat comes from the same farms that fine dining establishments use. We are talking about the good stuff. The $300 date night downtown kind of meat. Prime. Wagyu. Gourmet. You can’t get this quality at the supermarket or the discount clubs. This is for made-men level taste buds.

When you become part of the family, you are getting Syndicate Access at prices even Ace Rothstein would approve of. Our products are hand delivered to your door within 1-4 business days.

If you are not ready to be a member, eh, well you can pay retail. Not recommending you make a habit of this though. See our savings calculator below to see why, Mush.

To be clear, do not confuse our low membership pricing with a lack of quality in our product.  I mean, we can charge you more if you really want us to.  You are getting the same meat that others would charge you more than double for.  It’s kind of funny people don’t understand that sometimes.   The Syndicate makes things happen.  I am telling ya like it is.  Pay attention.   Click JOIN THE FAMILY now to pick what membership is best for you.

Why Use Steak Syndicate?

Pay what restaurants pay, not what they charge. High-end meat delivered to your home.

Our products are sourced from the same farms that the best of the best steakhouses around the Midwest get their meat from. It is a level of quality you can’t usually find for  residential usage with cuts of meat that are just phenomenal. Our chops are hand delivered to your doorstep  after the order has been received.  Sometimes immediately, sometimes in the next few days depending on what you ordered.   Let us know when you need it by and we got you covered.

Membership Access gets you our ‘Syndicate Pricing’ (the way to go)!


Membership Levels

Save 35% on all products!

$49 for 12 months ($4.09 per month)

Save 50% on all products!

$189 for 12 months ($15.75 per month)

avoid rico, gift it to the other guy

Gifts of an annual membership keeps on giving all year long, hey gangsters gotta eat. A physical certificate commemorating the gift with the recipient’s name is included. If you decide to purchase a gift package that includes some meat, that is delivered along with it.  

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If you're not at the table, you're on the menu -Al Capone.

Our meat is good. We are confident of that. We guarantee satisfaction of our quality and promise to work with you to remedy any situation you are displeased with.